“Tireless experimenter and virtuoso of the guitar, Sergio Fabian Lavia expresses a varied sound world, but at the same time characterized by a superior balance that governs and smooths out any roughness in an original harmony that is always pleasant to listen to…”

Lorenzo Morandotti

“The refined and poetic musical journey of Sergio Fabian Lavia is enchanting, showing his undoubted skills, both as a composer and as an interpreter… he obtains precious sounds due to the in-depth knowledge of the instrument. He thus confirms himself as a complete musician, with a good creative vein and great intuition…”

Alberto Cima

Sergio Lavia is not only a splendid guitarist and a refined singer with a voice of rare clarity, but he is also a very interesting contemporary composer. The DVD Saudalgia can only be an important musical document for the contemporary world, as well as an engaging listening not only for the artistic but also for the technical content: for years Lavia has been exploring the universe of sound, exploring the electronic possibilities applied to the sounds of his guitar. from which, already acoustically, it manages to extract multiple sounds. In short, a MUST!”

Sandro Cerino